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Comedians Lace Larrabee and Katherine Blanford, who shared eerily similar stories of getting cheated on by their exes, decided to start a podcast together because therapy was too expensive.


Cheaties is a juicy series about cheating and being cheated on. Every week, these hilarious (and totally not bitter) co-hosts share cheating stories, both personal and caller-based. Lace and Katherine serve their listeners with unskilled and inadequate advice on how to deal with their own personal scandals and sagas.


Cheaties is a salacious, silly, sexy part of a well-imbalanced diet! 

Follow us on Instagram at @cheatiespodcast or text "CHEATIES "to
888-555 for regular podcast and live show updates.


If you'd like to share your cheating story, whether you're the cheater or the cheatee, call 888-STABBY-8 (888-782-2298) and leave Lace and Katherine a voicemail today! Your story might just get chosen for a episode of Cheaties.

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